Bootstrapping IT SaaS Product -online course

Learn how to create your own online IT software product business with minimal investments  


Proven with the practice

No bullsh*t. Every lesson was learned along my 10 years business journey. 

12 lectures

Lectures were first tested in front of a classroom audience to refine and improve.


Learn on your own terms and with your own pace, as you would do with the product


You will still have personal mentoring sessions from me to get your idea validated and of the ground. 

Stop thinking and start acting

I greatly believe, that when you are bootstrapping, your always need to feed your motivation with external inspirations. The inspiration is - customer feedback, published website, something working, first trial signup, first sales... It only sounds to be an exhausting trip to the first feedback or first purchase, but in fact - it means just to set very precise goal. Proprietary Bootstrap CanvasĀ© approach allows to start with a very specific and time bound plan to get to visible deliverable milestones, that would allow you to nurture your motivation through external feedback loops. 


What I will be going through with you?

Check if you feel any of the following struggles to get the most out of this online learning course

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    Don't know where to start?

    Get a motivation boost and build a strict timeline to get to your first milestone

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    Already codding it?

    Well that's great! I mean, in case anyone is waiting for that. If no - I will help you to plan how to get first 5 customers for your product!   

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    Already selling, but the pipeline does not feel great?

    We will analyze together the bottlenecks of your funnel. Did you think already about virality? Oh, you definitely should! 

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    Struggling to get an investment?

    Well, there is 99% probability that you don't need one. Let's uncover that together.

Course Program

Block 1

Working with ideas and goals

Sometimes ideas are brilliant, but is there an actual way to implement it simply, to fit into bootstrapping paradigm? How to identify high-value simple-to-implement things? How to quickly test it?


Block 2

How to get your first 5 and then 50 customers?

There is definitely this traction book. Test marketing channels, identify the most promising ones, iterate. Access to customers is a key in any business, so bootstrapped one is the same. The idea is great, but it is not worth it, if you don't have any clue how to get it into customer's hands.


Block 3

What and how to delegate, and when is it time to find your first employee?

Upwork, Fiverr is a great way to offload some of your tasks. Learn first what you need to delegate. After that, find a smart guy to help you. But be sure you set the goal for another person right, otherwise you might be disappointed with the results.



All the lessons I will be sharing will be mapped to my personal story

6 years of bootstrapping, 3 years as b2b SaaS business. Prominent exit - when your 20 people company is being acquired by a market leading Unicorn. I will share a lot of personal ups and downs that I experienced, so that your journey could be at list a bit less stressful.

Who is This Course for?

If you are here, that is potentially because you are thinking to build your own product company.

    You are working as an employee, but trying to analyze new possibilities;
    You have started working on your personal online product, but don't know yet how to sell it;
    You have already done a few sales, but not sure yet how to scale your approaches.

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About me


Hey guys, I'm Sasha Reminnyi

Founder at StepShot - acquired by UiPath

I've started working on StepShot as on a freelance project. After one month I got so excited, that I decided to negotiate with the customer that I'll sell him the license, not the IP of the product. In 5 years, the app was already generating $20k USD as a passive income while I was still working full time. In 2016, I built a first team and applied for acceleration program at StartupWiseGuys. Three years later, in 2019, we sold the company to the most prominent RPA vendor, UiPath. The main outcome of my experience - as an entrepreneur, you need to know how to implement shortcuts - get to your goals with minimal resources. I would do a lot of things differently, if I would start today. That is what I want to share information about - how to do shortcuts in your bootstrapped business.